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Ehmeya - plants from the bromeliad family, attracts flower growers with its unique appearance, bright colors and unpretentiousness, which makes echmea desirable in our apartments. Echmea is very decorative, echmea leaves are collected in funnel-shaped single-color or variegated rosettes, and the flowers are unusually beautiful. The most common type for growing in an apartment is striped echmea. This echmea is native to Brazil. The striped echmea has a surprisingly beautiful inflorescence with shiny pink bracts that blooms in the middle of summer and does not fade until winter. Flower growers consider sparkling echmea to be the most unpretentious. The leaves of this echmea are belt-shaped, green above, reddish-purple below. Paniculate inflorescence with pink bracts and bright red small numerous flowers with a bluish apex.
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