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Phalaenopsis Code-0745

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Phalaenopsis are unpretentious evergreen, constantly growing orchids. With proper care, phalaenopsis bloom profusely, bloom for a long time and live in the house for up to 7 years. Phalaenopsis require a warm place with diffused light without direct sunlight. Phalaenopsis grow well in the back of the room with sufficient artificial lighting. With a lack of light and with a decrease in temperature of less than 16 degrees, buds may fall off in phalaenopsis prepared for flowering. The temperature of keeping these heat-loving orchids should not be below 18 degrees (except in autumn, when it takes about 1-2 months to keep phalaenopsis at a temperature of 16 degrees to lay flower buds); the comfort zone for phalaenopsis is in the range of 22-24 degrees.
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