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Miniature, or mini-roses, are lush bushes 15 to 30 cm high, blooming several times per season.

Everything in these lovely plants is small, graceful, but very harmonious. The leaves are small, 1-2 cm wide, shoots up to 5 cm long, tiny buds bloom into semi-double or double flowers up to 3.5 cm in diameter. They are single or collected in inflorescences. Roses are watered as often as the soil dries out. It is watered with normal tap water at room temperature that has settled for at least a day. Roses respond well to leaf spraying. Spraying is carried out in the evenings with cold boiled water or a solution of special fertilizers (such as "Cascade") in cold boiled water. Spray the underside of the leaves with a mist sprayer. But this should not be done every day even in summer . As soon as the moon enters the growth phase, it is a good time to transplant the plant from the container.

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